Lucy Walter, Charles IIs Secret Queen

Was Lucy Walter an Infamous Mistress or Forsaken Queen?

Lucy Walter the Secret Queen
Lucy Walter (1630-1658), as a Shepherdess. Public Domain Image

Lucy Walter was the mother of James, Duke of Monmouth the eldest son of King Charles II. Historians inform you that Lucy was the king’s mistress and not his secret queen. They state that there was no love in the relationship. They say that Lucy was an infamous woman of easy virtue who trapped the king. However, some writers go even further, claiming that the king was not even Monmouth’s father.

Convenient for History

This picture of Lucy is convenient for history because it justifies the succession of Charles’s brother, King James II. Yet, what is puzzling is that this view of Lucy Walter the infamous mistress was written by James II. Who spent months searching for the marriage certificate that he insisted never existed. Then made it treasonable to even think that Monmouth was legitimate.

Corrupted Evidence

However, it is DNA that finally turns this tale upside-down. By disproving each of James IIs false claims, it’s time to shatter this illusion with Lucy’s own story. One based on new research, contemporary letters, and memoirs and not just the corrupted evidence of one man. If Lucy Walter was the Secret Queen of Charles II, then James II and with him, the whole Jacobite claim, would be illegitimate.

The True Story

The true story of a young girl who escapes a  war-torn country to reach her lover. It is a tail of an abandoned mother struggling to feed her children. It portrays a courageous woman spying in a hostile country for her king, ending with a desperate fight of a mother to save her children from abduction.

Throughout her short life, Lucy was a woman battling for survival against all the odds. Charles IIs Secret Queen is the true story of a heroic lady, who gives her life to save her king, husband, and children.

This new biography of Lucy Walter, Charles IIs Secret Queen is due for publication in 2024, from Pen & Sword Book Limited.