Of Mean Creatures

Historical Notes in relation to the Of Mean Creatures regarding the family of Lucy Walter

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[1] The ‘pamphleteer’ was John Evelyn, who published many books and opinions in the Gazettes or Newspapers and died in 1706. His collection of Letters and pamphlets was published as ‘Evelyn’s Diary’ in 1818. Within this is this reference to Lucy lineage. Evelyn was in Paris in 1649 and travelled with Lucy and Charles.

[2] Barlow, was the name of Lucy’s uncle-in-law, John Barlow Esq. Lucy used this as a pseudonym on many occasions after her marriage. It is likely, that it was under the false name of Mrs Barlow that she travelled to France in early 1648 and therefore would have had a passport made up in this name. As Mrs Barlow she would have been able to go about unnoticed.

[3] Elenor Vaughan, was sister of the 1st Earl of Carbery, John Vaughan

[4] Elisabeth’s siblings where Richard, married Jane Wogan; Margaret, wife of Peter Gosfright then Thomas Sambourne; Mary, wife of James Morgan; Dorothy, wife of Rev Hockley; Anne, wife of John Busfield; Penelope, wife of John Lloyd; Prudence, assumed wife of John Barlow; and Frances, wife of Morgan Jones then Thomas Jones then Mr Kynner

[5] Lucy’s grandfather, John Protheroe, was a well-known astronomer and friend of the ‘Wizard Earl’, Henry Percy the 9th Earl of Northumberland, who’s son introduced Charles II to this passion at an early age. They both owned telescopes made by Thomas Harriot, which passed down to her Uncle Richard, it was in this circle Lucy first meets Charles, possibly in 1638 or 1639. Please note, I have not been able to cross reference this information.

[6] They moved to London in late 1637 or early 1638 after another intrigue on the part of William Walter. A map of 1655 shows a small house behind King Street in Convent Garden, which is no longer there. At this time, Convent Garden was a new development, and a very fashionable address but this is for another publication.

[7] Lucy’s grandmother Mrs Elenor Protheroe, was widowed in 1624, and later married one Mr Gwynne in the village of St Giles, near today’s Tottenham Court Road Tube Station in London.

[8] Lucy’s great uncle was the 1st Earl of Carbery and the Royalist Commander in Pembrokeshire.

[9] This was her second marriage after the death of Rowland Walter on the 25 July 1619, and not as some have incorrectly written as the 15 November 1645. Otherwise she was a bigamist.

[10] At this time, the House of Lords had to settle divorce cases, and papers where submitted on the 26th May 1641. William Walter returned to Pembrokeshire, around this date.