Of Birth & Marriage

Historical Reference for Of Births & Marriage

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[1] The ‘Black Box’ never existed but there was a collection of letters and other documents. These were keep by Lucy as insurance and copies were made for the originals where captured by Cromwell’s men in ’56.

[2] The Black Box enquiry in April 1680 found that it did not, or no longer existed. However, this only looked into the content of ‘the Black Box’ which was alleged to be contract of Marriage between King Charles II and Madam Walter.

[3] At this time Lord Castlehaven was on campaign in Flanders with the young of Prince of Conde.

[4] Charles, Prince Rupert and others left Paris on the 25 June 1648

[5] Charles, Lucy, Prince Rupert and others sailed from Calais on the 9 July 1648 and they were back with the fleet on 16 July.

[6] The Earl of Ormond, Lord Castlehaven and party left Le Harve in a Dutch 24-gun Frigate on the 21st September to arrive on the 29th.

[7] There will be more about service in Ireland at a later date.