Transportation after the Bloody Assizes of 1685

The full list of Transportation after the Bloody Assizes

After the Bloody Assizes of 1685, 856 men found guilty of Rebellion were sentenced to transportation as indentured convicts (no better than slaves). Rather than executing these men King James II selected these people and gave them to his friends who benefited their sale to plantation owners:

Gifted To People Value
Sir William Booth 195  £           2,925.00
Mr Heywood* 14  £               210.00
Sir Philip Howard 174  £           2,610.00
Sir Christopher Musgrave 100  £           1,500.00
Mr Jerome Nipho 104  £           1,560.00
The Queen 100  £           1,500.00
Sir William Stapleton 99  £           1,485.00
Mr White* 70  £           1,050.00

* possibly Agents for Mr William Bridgemen

The following ships transported the Rebels to destinations in America and the West Indies:

Ship Slaves Destination
Indeavour 97 St Kitts & Nevis
Rebecca 14 Barbados
Happy Return 93 Barbados
John Friggat 90 Barbados
Betty 80 Barbados
Port Royal Merchant 172 Jamaica
Constant Richard 84 Jamaica
Jamaica Merchant 182 Barbados
Exchange 5 Virginia
Unknown 39 Multiple Destinations (Virginia?)

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This list is based on the published lists or information found in J.D Muddiman “Bloody Assizes”, George Roberts “Life of James Duke of Monmouth vII”, Sir Edward Parry “The Bloody Assizes”, John Tutchin “The Western Martyrology”, Howells “State Trails v11, Hotten “The Original Lists”, Locke “The Western Rising” and cross referenced with the excellence work of W. Macdonald Wigfield “The Monmouth Rebels”.