London Gazette #2048 : 6 July 1685

Argyll Executed in Edinburgh

London Gazette #2048, July 2 to July 6, 1685

Whitehall, July 4. 1685

In our last you had an account that the Rebels were at Shepton Mallet, from thence they went to Wels, where they robbed and defaced the Cathedral Church drinking their villainous health at the Alter, plundered the Town, ravished the women and committed all manner of outrages. From Wells they marched to Glastonbury and came on Thursday to Bridgwater.

The Earl of Feversham marched on Thursday last with his majesties forces from Frome to Shepton Mallet and on Friday to Somerton to observe the Rebels who seem as if they would defend themselves in Bridgwater. His lordship has forbidden all persons to give them any succour or assistance upon pain of being treated as Rebels.

Yesterday, his Majesty went to see the three Scotch Regiments which were drawn up on Black-heath and was extremely pleased with them. Giving them great commendations and this morning, they passed through London in their march to the west.

Edinburgh, July 1. 1685

Yesterday being the day appointed for the execution of the Earl of Argyll, he was accordingly carried to the cross near unto which has Beheaded upon a scaffold erected for that propose. His Head is ordered to be affixed upon the Tolbooth, and Body is to be laid in St Magdalens Chapel in Cowgate. This execution was in pursuance of his former conviction and sentence, there having been no need of forming a process against him for his late Rebellion. He made no speech upon the scaffold but delivered a canting paper to the Dean of Edinburgh (who together with Mr Charters were with him there) to be given to my Lord Chancellor, declaring that he had neither directly or indirectly left any speech or paper upon this occasion.

Some hours after his Execution, we had the certain news of the taking of Sir John Cochran and his son John (who was reported to have been killed the day Rumbold and Ayloff were taken) with a third person, whose name is not known, but it’s said he is a stranger. They were taken at a place called Cocheran at the House of an Uncle of Sir John, where they had hide themselves. And are expected here this night or tomorrow morning. We omitted in our last to tell you that young Stuart of Cultness, (who was in the late Rebellion) is also taken. As well as the Highlanders, several Parties of his Majesties standing forces are in diligent search of the rest of the rebels who lurk up and down the country in holes. Ayloff is still in Glasgow on way to recovery, and it’s expected he will be shortly brought hither.