London Gazette #2041 : 11 June 1685

Rebels defeated at Glendaruel

London Gazette #2041, June 8 to June 11, 1685

Edinburgh, June 6. 1685

This day we have an account, that upon Tuesday last a party from the Marquis of Athol came to Glendarowall, where Charles Campbel lay with 120 foot and 12 horse. After a brisk fight, Campbel narrowly escaping capture, fled with his men and horse to his boats. Leaving two prisoners and one killed in the hands of Athol. We also have an account, that on Wednesday last the Earl of Argyle sent Sir John Cochran with 100 men and two ships to Greenock. Here their landing was opposed by a Militia troop of horse under the command of Lord Cochran. This troop together with some gentlemen, rode down to the boats and fired their pistols at the landing party. But the cannon played upon them from the ships, as well as small shot from the boats. With this, the gentlemen and troop were obliged to retire. This party of the Rebels then took what meal and victuals they could find in the town before returning to Bute. We have word that his majesties ships, the Falcon and the Mermaid, together with a yacht are now lying at anchor near that Isle. Whilst we have an account of Captain Hamilton’s arrival in another of the Kings ships and soon after we hope to have a good account of the rebels.