London Gazette #2039 : 4 June 1685

Argyll seizes Campbeltown

London Gazette #2039, June 1 to June 4, 1685

Edinburgh 28 May.

We have now certain Intelligence that the later Earl of Argyle landed on Wednesday the 20th instant at Lockhead alias Campletown, eight miles from the Mull-head of Kintire on the southside, and two days after sent through the Country the following summons signed by himself.

Campletown, May 22, 1685

Being by Gods Blessing come safe to this place, with a resolution according to a Declaration emitted for Defence of the Protestant Religion, and our Lives and Liberties, against Popery and Arbitary Government : and all the Fensible Men of Ila being come this length and this country being together this day at a general Rendezvous.

These are to require all the Heretors, Tenants and others, and all the Fensible Men within the Division of Cowal, between sixty and sixteen with all their useful Arms, and two week Loan, to come to the Tarbert against Tuesday the 26th Instant, at Twelve of the Clock without fail, or sooner if possible.


To back this order his son Charles went into Cowal, and sent letter to serval Gentlemen to come to him without any pretence of excuse, otherwise he would put all to fire and sword; and accordingly has burnt the houses of several Gentlemen and others of that Country who have joined the Kings Army. We do not yet know the certain number of the Rebels, but sure it is, that most of those that are with them are come by force, and fear of having their houses burnt, and themselves murdered ; though according to the best account we have they are about the number mentioned in our last. There are now  in arms of the Heretors, Militia and Highlanders upwards of 22,000 men, which through the extraordinary care and vigilance of the Lord High Commissioner, the Lord High Chancellor, and the rest of His Majesties Ministers and Privy Council, with the Zeal of the people to serve His Majesty, were raised in seven days, and are now actually posted and disposed as the General Officers have thought most for His Majesties Service; of which a Body of between 6 and 7,000 are already gone into Argile-Shire, under the command of the Marquis of Athol, the Earl of Brae d’Albin, Sir Ewan Cameron, and several other Gentlemen of considerable followings. It’s believed the Kings Ship are by this time upon that coast.