London Gazette #2038 : 1 June 1685

The King’s forces close in on Argyll

London Gazette #2038, May 28 to June 1, 1685

Edinburgh, May 25

Since our last we have Intelligence of the later Earl of Argyle’s landing in he Island of Ila (a party of 500 of the Kings forces who had been there being some days before gone to Argyleshire) where he had threatened to hang all those at their own doors that would not rise with him, notwithstanding which very few joined him; from thence he came over to Kintire, endeavouring to get the people there to take Arms with him, whilst his sons Charles and John were doing the like in other parts of Argyleshire; And it is reported that Campbel of Auchinbreck (who is married to a Daughter-in-law of the said Earl) besides some other of that name, and an inconsiderable person of the name of Macdonnel are joined with him; and these with what others he has picked up since his first landing, are accordingly to the common report reputed to be between 2 and 3,000. In the mean time a considerable part of the Kings forces (consisting chiefly of Highlanders) under the command of the Duke of Gordon and the Marquis of Athol, are marching with all possible diligence into that Country to suppress the Rebels, while the main body of the Kings Army is encamped at and about Glasgow, to prevent the joining of people with them from the west; and another party of the Kings forces are posted near the borders to hinder any coming to him from the North of England, from whence he expected get supplies upon his landing in Scotland. It is hardly to be believed with how much readiness and cheerfulness the Heretors and Militia come from all parts of the Kingdom to demonstrate their Duty and Loyalty to His Majesty upon this occasion.