London Gazette #2040 : 8 June 1685

Argyll’s Army Grows

London Gazette #2040, June 4 to June 8, 1685

Edinburgh, June 1 

Since our last we have an account that the late Earl of Argyle, did on the 26th of last month, march from Campbeltown in Kintyre with two troops of horse and 700 foot to Tarbert, and was met here by 300 of his supporters, whilst 200 more are expected daily. Here they are all to muster on the 28th May. Whilst his three ships came from Campbeltown on Tuesday and the next day went into Tarbert. The greatest is carrying 30 guns, the other 12 and the third six. He has another smaller vessel with him which was taken along the coast with corn. On the 29th he left from Tarbert and came into the town of Rothesay on the Isle of Bute. Where he took a night’s provision for himself and his men. The 30th he sailed round the Island with his three ships and 20 smaller boats and came again to Rothesay and fired seven guns at his landing. We are informed, that he has in all 2500 men. From here he endeavours to persuade and encourage the people to rise with him, by assuring them that there are already great risings in England, as you will see by a letter written and signed by himself;

Campbeltown, May 22. 1685

Loving Friend,

It hath pleased God to bring me safe to this place, where several of both Nations do appear with me for defence of the Protestant Religion, our lives and liberties, against Popery and Arbitrary Government. Where of the particulars are in two Declarations emitted by those Noblemen, Gentlemen and others, and by me for myself. I beseech you not to neglect your duty to God and nor country. For as the Duke of York is a Papist, cannot be a Righteous King. Then to know that all England is in Arms and that the Duke of Monmouth appears at the same time upon the same grounds we do, few places in Scotland will soon will join us. Now I beseech you make no delay to separate from those than abuse you and are carrying on a Popish design. And come with all the men of your command to enlist in the cause of Religion where you shall be most welcome to,

Your Loving friend to serve you, 


P.S. Let this serve young Logie, Skipage, and Charles Mac Echan.  

We certain advice that his Majesties Yacht the Charlote is come into the River of Clyde, the Commander of which does daily expect the Kings Ships upon the coast.